jueves, 6 de marzo de 2014

Mejillones en escabeche / Pickled Mussels

Paula, de I love bugs, regresa este mes con una de sus siempre proposiciones interesantes.

Paula, of I love bugs, comes back this month with another interesting proposition.

Con ésta receta, seguro que dejarás de abrir latas de mejillones cuándo tengas invitados, y además quedarás como un rey.

Next that, you will not open more cans of mussels again for your guests. They worship you for that. 

Puedes encontrar la receta original en su blog, aquí te la dejamos en inglés:

Here, the recipe:

1kg fresh mussels
1/2 small spoon of sweet paprika
3/4 glass of olive oil
1/4 glass of vinegar
2 leaves of laurel
a little bit of pepper grains
1/2 small spoon of salt
trickle of white wine (optional)

1. Clean the mussels and cook with a little bit of water and the wine. When they are open cooked during two minutes.
2. Infuse the oil with the laurel and the peppers, over low heat during twenty minutes. Keep out of fire and added the paprika and the salt.
3. Keep of the mussels from their shells, and put it on the infused oil. When they are cool put it on the fridge for two days.

Note: we could keep it on the fridge during one week covering the mussels with oil.

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