jueves, 31 de octubre de 2013

Chips de berenjena / Aubergine chips

Este mes Paula nos propone una receta muy original, típica de Murcia y Andalucía.  ¡Menuda pinta tienen!  Encontraréis aquí la receta en castellano, ¡gracias por compartirla!

Paula proposes an original recipe this month from her blog; it is typical from the Murcia and Andalucía regions.  They have an amazing taste!  Thanks for sharing it.  


2 aubergines
Extra virgin olive oil

Wash and wipe the aubergines well.  Slice them thinly and salt them slightly on both sides.  Put the aubergine to drain individually for one hour, to lose any bitterness .  Wipe the aubergines with an absorbent paper, removing the maximum amount of salt.

Deep-fry the aubergine slices in plenty of hot olive oil.  Remove when brown and put them  on a new piece of absorbent paper, to get rid of the remaining oil.  Paula advises not to pile them up and to keep them separated to avoid them from softening.  Sprinkle with a generous spoonful of honey and serve.

Paula usually peels the aubergine skin off for the children but this step is not necessary.  Once the aubergines chips are ready you may sprinkle sesame seed on top or accompany them with slices of duck.

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