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Solomillo con ciruelas y arroz basmati / Pork sirloin with plums and basmati rice

¡Nos encanta recibir vuestras participaciones, especialmente cuando las recetas son muy originales y las fotos preciosas!  Una vez más, Paula, del blog I love bugs, comparte esta estupenda receta que encontrarás en su blog.  ¡Muchas gracias por participar de nuevo!  

We love it every time we receive your participations, especially with original recipes and beautiful photos!  Once more, Paula from blog I love Bugs shares this delicious recipe with us.  Thank you so much for participating again!  The English version of her recipe is translated below.


1 pork sirloin or two small
50 g of dried plums
A small glass of Porto
300 g basmati rice
300 g water
Half onion finely chopped
1 clove of garlic
Half teaspoon of cumin
1 spoonful of flour
Salt, pepper, oil


Heat a little amount of oil in a saucepan and fry the garlic gently until it gets brown. On a strong fire add the meat and fry every side to seal it.  When the meat turns brown, add a glass of water and let it simmer fifteen minutes. Cover the dried plums with the Porto and a little water to hydrate them. 

While the meat is cooking, prepare the rice.  Rinse it three to four times to get rid of the starch.  Let it cool in water a few minutes and drain.  Pour it in a saucepan with the same amount of water as the weight of rice, enough to cover it. Salt and cook for fifteen minutes in slow heat. 

Put the soaked plums together with the meat as well as the Porto and water. Let cook for ten minutes in a medium heat.

Fry lightly the finely chopped onion with the cumin.  When transparent, add the rice, mix well and let it stand until serving.

Take the meat out of the saucepan and strain the sauce.  Pour half of it in the mixer container; add the garlic, two plums and the flour. Blend it until obtaining a thick cream.  Mix it to the rest of the sauce and bring to boil in a strong fire for a few minutes.  When the sauce is thick, add the meat and cook each side two minutes. 

Paula serves this meat in thick slices on a layer of plum sauce.

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